Fashion is a gentle progression of revisited ideas........

Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind.......a mirrior of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.........

-Oleg Cassini

It might sound obsessive and superficial but my idea of a great day resonates from the feeling and anticipation of a well thought out outfit...which never excludes a five inches stiletoes....every other aspects of the day is secondary.

-Umezulike Cynthia

Saturday, 8 June 2013



The "No Meals After 6:00pm" rule is not a myth for seasoned weight loss experts. This is a system I have constantly tested and have witnessed amazing results. So many people argue that consuming so many calories during the day is the easiest way of putting on weight rather than eating after 6:00pm. Although consuming heavy calorie driven meals during the day is one way to put on weight all around, however eating your main meals or calorie filled deserts after 6:00pm is a major way of packing on those love handles or stubborn belly fat.  All we want to do after a day’s hard work is seat in front of the TV and nibble that calorie filled crisps, chocolate, ice cream and candies.  However when we have the no meals after 6:00pm rule in place automatically we have slashed off that additional calorie intake we do not eat.  According to, late night eating is the most damaging to the waistline, so cut it out completely and keep that wobbly tummy at bay.The easiest ways to control late night eating is to brush the teeth before 6:00pm…it sends a signal to the brain that marks an end to the daily food consumption. Change the daily routine of watching your favorite evening shows with your mouth stuffed with chocolate or those greasy chips. Alternate with activities that will make you crave food less whilst having a relaxing evening. It is a difficult start but it gets easier as the days progress and you will sleep better, feel better and look great.


Couples and new dating partners usually enjoy loads of fancy dinners, where 3-6 course meals are served but as they gaze loving into each other’s eyes whilst devouring those mountainous plates of food. Do remember the ‘Love Weight’ is piling on….This is when men say ‘women let themselves/bodies go after they fall in love. But the truth is that most women feel it is rude to accept a dinner date if they don’t plan to eat or if they plan to turn down every course served so they just go with the flow and get all the blame when the calories/fat bulge starts showing. It is time to swap formal dinner dates for informal dates. Try going to the cinema and of course ask for low calorie or sugar free drinks, swap the sugary pop corn for nachos and the high calorie ice cream for organic frozen yogurt. Get dolled up and try long walks, dance classes or healthy snack bars. You can still get to know each other and have an awesome time without the temptations of formal settings of dinners.


Living in the UK has made me admire the hard work most women put in into taking great care of their bodies. When I first became a member at the Quad Health & Fitness Club, My initial thought was to sneak in as early as 5:30am to work out at the gym, use the sauna and steam room before anyone got there but on my first attempt I found the club was already filled with women carrying their sports gears in one hand and their office work suits in the other. These women worked out first, and then set off to their respective offices. As I got to know these women I realized most of them where mothers, successful business women and even where CEO’s of multi-million pounds companies in the UK but still made out ample time for an early morning workout session and Guess what!! During their lunch break, these women will dash back into the club for a 15 minutes mini-facial. This is commitment at its best. The benefits of an early morning work cannot be over emphasized…For me early morning workout helps elevate my mood, keeps me focused and raises my energy level. Research has also shown that early morning work outs pumps up the body metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat than if you exercised later in the day. Take that early morning step and stay ahead of the bulge. 
Kisssessss & Hugssssssxxxxx

Friday, 8 February 2013


In 2012, I set out on a social inquiry for my readers who constantly send in questions seeking my views on fashion, modelling and the rejections that we all face at different stages of our career. I decided to seek the opinions of other established and upcoming models in the UK so i can mirror different experiences in other to produce divergent view points. I proceeded with an informal casting call on popular UK website "Models Mayhem" requesting  to feature models who dare to share their love of fashion, stories of rejection and highs/lows in their career. Amazingly different models of diverse ethnicity, sizes and age came forward with the most amazing response on what fashion means to them, their struggles to stay relevant, how they deal with rejection, build their self worth and stay focused in this cut throat industry  I learnt so much reading through most of their journey. The real lesson here is that it takes hard,work, some good genes and a little luck to succeed in this industry. Millions of people want same career and same things in life but to some success comes very easy and to others it is a journey filled with tears, sweat and failures. I encourage everyone to  keep pushing and even in failure, have a zeal to win because life its self is a chance and the person who goes the furthest is generally the one who is willing to do more, to dare more and to dream more.


AGE : 23

What does fashion mean to you? 
I guess for me it’s more than just clothes. It’s an identity! a way to express yourself in an individualistic way in other to give an edge.  

Does Race and Skin Colour contribute to the way the modelling industry views you? 
I would have to say YES!..from the perspective of a black model I have had many occasions where I feel directly racially discriminated against. 

Describe your worst modelling rejection experience so far and explain how that experience has shaped your life. 
  Well about two years ago, I was in Primark retail store London and got scouted by a storm representative. I was asked to come in and have a meeting. However when I explained I have a small scar on my left arm I was told I was not suitable for their agency....I felt really humiliated and to be honest I did not pursue modeling again until now (two years later!).Its shaped my life so much and as now I have learned that rejection is business not personal. In this way my confidence has through the roof.

AGE: 17

What does fashion mean to you? 
Fashion to me is allowing an individual to express themselves through clothes and accessories; it gives a personality and a drive to an individual. Fashion is not just one type of trend; it allows you to mix things up little making things abstract but fashionable.

Does Race and Skin Colour contribute to the way the modelling industry views you?
Race and skin colour does contribute to the way the modeling industry views me but should not because multiculturalism should be embraced and not hidden.

Describe your worst modelling rejection experience so far and explain how that experience has shaped your life.
My worst modeling rejection was probably my worst which was by models 1 because i was not expecting them to be so harsh about the situation. My second also did the same. Both of my rejections have made me stronger because I want to prove to these modeling agencies who promote tall models with a perfect bone structure that you don't have to have these perfect features to become a successful model.

Imtiyaz .I. Attarwala
Age : 27

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, or furniture. "Fashion" refers to a distinctive; however, often-habitual trend in a look and dress up of a person, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior. "Fashion" usually is the newest creations made by designers and are bought by only a few numbers of people; however, often those "fashions" are translated into more established trends.

Does Race and Skin Colour contribute to the way the modelling industry views you?
Race and skin colour does not make much of a difference, because I believe that, if you have a talent and right attitude then things like race or colour or ethnicity does not count.

Describe your worst modelling rejection experience so far and explain how that experience has shaped your life.
As this is the most competitive industry and being a part of this industry itself is an experience. I have more than one experience, but as per requirements I am giving one of the most memorable experiences. 
I was being selected for a commercial (no names), and just 2 days before the shoot I was being informed that, my booking is being cancelled and I am no longer doing this commercial, at that time I was being given that the client says that I am not suitable for the role, but later I found out that they rejected me just because the agent selected one of his own models and I was not working with that agent before. It's a matter of favoritism, and I was being upset for a while but later I decided not to get depress for a reason, where I haven't done anything wrong and its not my fault.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Waking up today at 6:45am to hit the gym, I am not happy, I am a grumpy mess. Reluctantly power walking to the Radisson Blu Hotel Gym and Spa next door...I kept motivating myself and muttering “It is for the Greater Good’….’What Greater good?  I asked myself… its simple “You don’t want to be FAT’…Yes I said the “F’ word.

Growing up I never thought there would be a day in my existence I will have to care about staying thin. I was the girl everyone called Stock Fish or Dried Fish in High school because I was so skinny my collar bone stuck out. My dad always joked that I was too skinny to become any African mans Bride....hahaha…funny yeahh…. However as I left my teenage years and hit my early twenties…the struggle not to add an inch on my waist line per every plate of rice I consume began. I noticed I couldn’t get away eating like I used to as my body was changing.

 In the Fashion Industry where most dresses are sample size zeros…it is definitely not the way forward. I mean Tyra Banks retired from modeling because she said she could not survive on eating only cabbage for the rest of her life.  Uber model Naomi Campbell recently credited her super skinny/toned body at over 40years old as down to “Zero Carbohydrate and loads of exercise” According to Naomi “Carbs are Luxuries she cannot afford’.  Super model Kate Moss “Legendary Said “Nothing Feels Good as Skinny Does”…so typical but this is the industry we live in…the society we are surrounded by. The pressure on women in general not only in the fashion industry to shed the pounds or remain Thin is mounting. What is healthy, what is safe? Why should we conform?

Recently at the African Fashion Week London 2012, I overheard the head stylist whom I have worked with several times in the past years saying “Cynthia and Ajok are the skinniest here….if those dresses can’t fit them..It won’t fit any other model”…I chuckled shyly because it was apparent she still was working with my old measurements and hadn’t realized I was about 8kg heavier. As fitting went underway…it became apparent that I was struggling to zip up the sample sizes I could previously wear hitch free…. She asked “Cynthia have you put on weight? …everyone was listening…all eyes on me ….I was embarrassed. In reality I went from weighing between 49 to 51kg to fluctuating between 58 to 59kg at 5”10inches tall… yeah that’s a crime….shoot me.

After the fashion shows, I knew I had a decision to make. Should I continue on my path of not caring about excising and eating healthy and invariably pack on the pounds or do I adopt an alternative lifestyle?  . Firstly I tried to convince myself that it’s not about staying thin but staying healthy. We are a product of what we put into our bodies I said but am I speaking the truth or am I merely battling to stay within the agency standard model requirement? .  Alternatively I should perhaps bow away from the scorching eyes of industry scrutiny and settle down to enjoying the daily heavy rations of my favorite crisps, pastries, fried rice, kebabs, curries, pasta and pizza. However I wouldn’t want to be that girl who needs help getting up from the couch so that’s kinda not an option

 I am not yet convinced on my aims moving forward or the figures in KG I need to stay within. I am however convinced to overhaul my lifestyle. Nothing can ever be achieved without hard work…staying fit, strong, healthy and thin is my mission. I will embrace the long sustainable route while incorporating some safe help but never a quick fix.   It is time I developed an alternative feeding/lifestyle. Below is my process, my journey and it is working thus far.

The Process:
1.       Start every Journey to staying thin or getting to your goal weight by detoxing…cleansing those stored toxin in your body will enable your body reboot itself and become well equipped to start afresh. Some people swear by different types of herbal tea for detoxification but I have seen the use of a simple laxative such as Ducolax to be most effective. This cleanses your system and helps start the process.

2.       Incorporate drinking an early morning herbal tea full of antioxidants to your everyday life. I recommend Wu Long Tea Which can found on It is claimed to not only help increase the body metabolism to speed up weight loss but also helps reduce the effect of harmful agents thereby fighting signs of ageing whilst maintaining the skins vibrant and youthful look.

3.       Diet Patches which suppress appetites and junk craving are the most important and not negotiable. It is a must have in this process. Diets Patches are most effective for people on the go as they tend to be invisible. Paste on a patch every morning, forget they exist and carry on with your daily activity. I strongly recommend Slimming Solutions 30 -1-a Day Diet Patches or Boot Body Camp Body Slimming Patches. Everyone I have recommended them swear to its effectiveness.
Diet Patch

4.       45 minutes at the Gym…three times a week minimum. Each section should consist of the use of thread mills, cross trainers, power plates, and the exercise ball. Each targeting the problem areas such as the thighs, lower abdomen and arms.  Working out can be really boring so make sure you have your favorite tunes jamming away…this truly helps.  Stay hydrated by drinking sparkling/citrus or cranberry punch. I recommend the use of a personal trainer for the first 2weeks of starting up to keep up the motivation and develop a work out pattern suitable for your body type and need.

5.       Using the Steam room is absolutely my favorite. Its benefits has being listed to include detoxification, increasing blood circulation, moisturizes the skin by opening pores and weight loss. Research shows one can burn 600 calories per 30 minutes in the Steam Room. The alternative is the Sauna which produces dry heat and can be uncomfortable….not my favorite.  Most guys however prefer the Sauna whilst the ladies go for the steam room. However alternating the use of both Sauna and Steam room has proved effective. It is most effective after 45 minutes at the Gym, take a 15 minutes break to relax the muscles and then use the steam room or sauna on a 20 minutes interval.

6.       Cutting down on eating carbs is absolutely important. For the first few weeks I suggest a total elimination of carbs then slowly incorporate them back into your diet in small portions. For my diet now, I start my day with a bowl of cabbage or tomatoes soup and fruit salad. Afternoon I have quaker oats (porridge) with slices of banana and honey. Night is an alternative of lean proteins, grilled chicken caesar / avocado salads (no dressing) and wheat noodles. I snack on almonds, olives, grapes and belvita healthy biscuits. The golden rule is to substitute all soda/fizzy drinks with sparkling water or fruit punch drinks with no sugar content/ artificial colorings or preservative.

7.       It is alright to cheat or treat yourself once in a while to ice creams, chocolates or your favorite food/snack. However the key rule is not to become a serial cheater and portion control is absolutely important. Do not feel defeated or guilty when you have eaten something you shouldn’t. Get over it and continue the process. That’s what is important…make sure you continue and don’t go back to the old ways.  Keep a daily food diary. 

8.       I am not a fan of Diet pills but for those who need the extra help. The best selling is called ‘”Slim Bomb”… however it is more of a dietary supplement to this alternative lifestyle than a magical wand to fix the problem.

9.       Stay Positive and motivated, I always say…”I can do it…it is for the greater good’. If you say you can do it then you can. Look for a gym buddy or someone with same goals as you to help you when you’re less motivated.

The thing about staying thin is definitely not  a straight forward route or an easy process however whether you struggling like myself to maintain your old body type or you want to gain a new body by losing a few pounds. Make sure you are doing it for your own benefits and not conforming to societal pressure….only then will you reap the reward…..That is the greater good. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Burberry Prorsum Menswear S/S13 at Milan Menswear Week!!! (AWESOME BUT, LACKING DIVERSITY).

The Burberry Prorsum Menwear S/S13 collection was without any doubt one of the collections that stood out at the Milan Mens Fashion Week. The use and mixture of bright colours, the great prints and the use of metallics really looked spot on. My only criticism about the show was the lack of diversity in the models used on the catwalk. The models used were very stunning but, in this day and time where everyone is crying out for diversity in the fashion industry, i just expected to see some infusion of ethnic models on that catwalk.

Anyway, here is the full show. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Milan is where i like to describe as the founding father of fashion all over the world. The difference between Milan Fashion Weeks and other Fashion Weeks is that most of the pieces showcased on the runway are very wearable as compared to some other fashion weeks which are more couture.

Here is a sneak peak of what went down at this year's Milan Menswear S/S13. I hope you enjoy it.

Menswear Milan - Moschino SS13

Menswear Milan - Prada SS13

Menswear Milan - Bottega Veneta SS13

Menswear Milan - Versace SS13 

Menswear Milan - Dolce&Gabbana SS13

Menswear Milan - Burberry Prorsum SS13

Menswear Milan - Roberto Cavalli SS13

Menswear Milan - Emporio Armani SS13

Menswear Milan - Moncler Gamme Bleu SS13 

Menswear Milan - Salvatore Ferragamo SS13

Menswear Milan - Vivienne Westwood SS13

Menswear Milan - Calvin Klein SS13

                                                                                                               All picture credits to Joe Rahim.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Lovely weather today in the UK and although I have not blogged since last year, it was imperative I reflect on some issues raised in the New African Woman Magazine April/May issue. I had bought 6 copies earlier for my friends and family outside the UK. I had more requests so i decided to throw on a huge pair of sunglasses , cream and beige chiffon Kaftan and rush down to the WHSmith by the city center to pick up more copies.  It is definitely a Hot Issue. Reading my feature story  in the magazine and that of my model friend Rokundo got me thinking critically. Are we always judged by our physical appearance, the image we project or is it just by the different shades of our skin ?.

Me in New African Woman Magazine

The truth about this shallow world we exist in is that the more appealing your looks are, the better treatment you get. People are more friendly, more eager to help and more complimentary. This is a fact.  However although this might be helpful for an every day girls self esteem. I mean for girls who evaluate their sense of self by the amount of accolades they get everyday based on their physicality. The  Street-love is definitely a boost.  However for models or aspiring models, that street-love as I call it, wont necessarily transcend into the industry.  There are several factors to contend with especially as a black model in the industry.

 I remember vividly  having a telephone interview with a reporter from The Recorder Newspaper and I did defend most designers choice in using non ethnic models in fashion shows and campaigns as "Their Vision for their brand" and not not on the skin co-lour disparity. I wondered afterwards 'was I being diplomatic or am I just living in denial?

  My model friend Estelle while doing walk-in into major agencies in london was always told . " You are perfect but we already have the right amount of black girls in the agency. Others say " Your features are amazing but we are just not taking on any more black models. I ponder, If she is perfect???why are you not signing her on?? obviously because she is Black. It is a skin colour issue. I have never heard an agency say "We have reached a limit on a White or Caucasian intake so why is there an embargo on black intake?.

 I always refuse to be drawn into the race or skin colour issue because i have not had any particular mainstream racially- skin tone aggravated discrimination so I give fairness to hear and evaluate both sides of the coin. I am on a quest to understand what exactly goes on.I will ask models and industry experts to relate their experiences and thoughts in a follow up article and hopefully gain some more insight.

What has happened to the era of the imperfection is perfection anthem. When the "Ugly-Pretty look was the new Vogue. Karl Lagerfeld called Kimmora's ugly duckling features the look of the 21st Century, Tyra big forehead and Karolina Kurkovas croaked nose was beautiful. Now there is a struggle for perfection. The quest for the symmetrical has taken over.  What actually is the perfect skin tone??  Is it Black, White, Oriental or even Tanned. Who has the right to make that choice for the masses. I see no colour, no race, no gender. I do see equality, fairness and balance in doing what is morally right in all aspects of life.

 I will however continue to employ everyone with a dream to keep on pushing hard regardless of any road block and most importantly never allow the negative aspects to overpower the zeal and passion you have to dare to dream. The New African Woman Magazine is still in stores. Do read Rokundo's story. Really Inspiring.
I am back to blogging and hopefully I stay Back this time.
Kissesssss & Cuddlesssssxxxxxxx

Friday, 15 July 2011


Hi Yall,
Am officially back to blogging and i hope i can stay true to my desire and update this baby of mine more regularly. A midst writing over 8000 words Essay @ school, completing my inspirational book  and vacationing in Paris, France...its being a lot to juggle but I am backkkkkkkkk......hope my absence would be forgiven timeously.

On a more enthusiastic style icon Victoria Beckham just gave the world a bundle of joy named Harper Seven Beckham...Congratulations and wishing the family an amazing year ahead.

My last trip to Paris has been inspirational, full of insights and overtly re-enforced all my aspirations. I will subsequently update you on the various places i visited and how i was inspired by not only the people, the culture, the environment and not to mention the Fashion.
@ Reuil Malmasion Paris
Night life in Chatelet and Champs Elysees Clemenceau was almost an out of body eccentric experience. The people, the food, the music, the gropers and the car haulers... it was crazily amazing.

I will bring details of my travel in two editorials.One would offer insights on my historical adventure/ culture assimilation, the other would enumerate on romance, fine dinning and fun outings. For now i am glad to be back doing what i love.

 In the mist of all things fun and happy...i do still miss my brother who passed away last year and no matter how many good things that happen to me, i still feel empty because i always wish he was here to share. Still praying for you each day Ugo(Rest in Christs Bossom).

Monday, 18 April 2011


Every Fashionista knows how to mix and match outfits, detects and sets new trends simultaneously , separates fall  warm colors from winter bright and  knows how not to wear short -shorts all season except during summer or at the beach and yes a true fashionista  knows how to.......wait for it......READ.

I know some would say BORING.......even my style muse Victoria Beckham did once say 'I have never READ a book in my life", SHOCKING  but I mean, from juggling all those designer labels, family and high profile business deals…..why should she.? The question thou is why shouldn’t she? Vicki I love you but you should have read a book. I  am sure your mama taught you better than that.

I am a Lawyer/Model so I have read quite a great deal but intellectual superiority has nothing to do with a beautiful face right?  Why should a mogul pick up a book or why should a stunning FACE bother with the knowledge, as they say 'Models don’t speak. They walk'.  Wrong analysis, I walk the runway and I speak in court.

 In recent times every modern lady is expected to not only have some form of intellectual background but is also anticipated to be able to understand, acquaint, forge wholesome arguments and project a reasonable thought process based on a given subject matter. The literal dumb blond excuse is so out the one is buying it. The FACE has to speak READ, comprehend and deliver eloquently... harsh.....yes life is hard.
 However I am not going to impose historical, anatomy, geometrics or physics text books on you wait!! That is what schools are for right? But if I were to, I would diligently recommend one of my favorite books which is also a pleasurable intellectual book titled 'Madame Prosecutor: Confrontation with Humanity's Worst Criminals and the Culture of Impunity'. I know some will say 'What a Nerd'...yup...I am a nerd...a fashionable Geek.'

Now to the fun stuff before I scare you off. The books I would recommend for my readers are a very delightful LIGHT-READ, motivational, inspirational, Style-Savoir-faire, healthy lifestyle and self-help books. We all should not only feel good on the outside but also from within. It is fundamental we know and master these tips enumerated in this books and apply them to our daily lives. Unlike Posh Spice "Don’t just Vogue It, Read it".

Preview my favorite 'Must Read" Below;

Vivienne Westwood

Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir

Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady

Forties Fashion: From Siren Suits to the New Look

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible: The Only Steps You Need to Look and Feel Gorgeous for Ever.

Lauren Conrad: Style

Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc

'Madame Prosecutor: Confrontation with Humanity's Worst Criminals and the Culture of Impunity'
              with loads of love and kissesssssssss

Monday, 7 March 2011


Mary Katrantzou designs exploded at the London fashion week this season and hushed down her wariest was deemed “fresh, futuristic, timeless and an architectural master-piece”. Little wonder as her designs seemingly had the Grecian origin before her move to London.
The Katrantzou collections  range from ornamented bold prints, structural defined edgy tops and Lampshade skirts…..they are eccentric ,hyper-realist, aesthetic, bold graphics with a mash up of industrial jewelry hence a master piece.
It is however surprising that Katranzou’s passion for patterns is constantly fueled by her obsessive collection of perfume bottles with clean, multihued graphics thus channeling the motif into bold structural print layout.
Her autumn/ winter collection was enthused by “Diana Vreeland, coromandel screens and the interwar period”, with upcoming projects for the talented designer including collaboration with Atelier Swarovski; it is feasible to predict the nascent designer’s future. Katrantzou is definitely a designer to watch out for.
 I may get punished by fashion insiders for saying this but I sometimes wonder if she is the new McQueen but with a younger astute perspective.. i said it first…time will tell.


Loads of love and kisses....xoxo.....Cynthia.

Monday, 28 February 2011


The 83rd Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science (AMPAS) was held last night at the prestigious Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.
While Film enthusiast and critics where glued to the screen to see who took home the honorary golden statue, fashion lovers around the world simply asked the most important question of the night...."WHO ARE YOU WEARING?".
Fashion at the Oscars this year was explosive, elegant but somewhat demure, from eye popping brights like corals/reds, lavender/purple/burgundy,to shimmering ethereal nudes and white/silver/gold toned statuesque gowns.
 My best dressed for the night is without doubt Sandra Bullock in an elegant, detailed and structured Vera Wang. Halle Berry in a Shimmering peach toned Marchesa and Mandy More in a silver detailed Monique L' Hullier.
However I give Jennifer Hudson kudos for fronting her new well toned body in a deep cut cleavage showing tangerine gown by Versace, Natalie Portman's enviable baby bump in a gorgeous fifties inspired purple-burgundy gown by the duo designers Rodarte, Reese Witherspoon in a black and white Giorgio Armani Prive and the host of the night Anna Hathaway in a stunning Valentino.
It was a very stunning, glossy and glamorous red carpet and with all the stars making an effort to look picture perfect for the camera, it is almost impossible to have any worst dressed nominees..... that is, if only Nicole Kidman shied away from that horrid Dior gown, Cate Blanchett should have fired her stylist before she was forced to adorn that star-trek replica lavender Givenchy haute couture gown embellished in yellow tones and if only the beautiful Scarlet Johansson left her grannies inspired lace Dolce & Gabbana at home. Yes people...worst dressed nominees.
Below are exclusive pictures from the Oscars...what is your style pick for best and worst dressed. Please press play.

Halle Berry in Marchesa

Mandy Moore in Monique L'Hullier

Michelle Williams in Chanel

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

Anna Hathaway in Valentino

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein

Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Hilary Swank in Marchesa

Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive~

Camila Alves in Kaufman Franco

Natalie Portman in Rodarte
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce&Gabbana

Mila Kunis in Ellie Saab Couture

Gwyneth Paltrow in  Calvin Klein

Celine Dion in Armani Prive~

Nicole Kidman in Dior

Carte Blanchett in Givenchy

Harle Steinfield in Marchesa
Loads of love and kissesssssss.......
                                                        xoxo    Cynthia